Calanit Serur

My class got the opportunity to have a hands-on relationship with our teachers and to really prepare ourselves for our upcoming high school academic career. The teachers were always open to answering any questions, and validating our ideas. Or Hachaim taught me to be resourceful when I am attempting to achieve something.
Calanit Serur, Class of 2011
Valley Torah High School

Liron Ben Haroch

Liron Ben Haroch graduated from Or Hachaim in 2012. He went to Valley Torah High School and graduated valedictorian. He was accepted to UCLA but deferred attending for a year to study at Mikdash Shmuel in Israel. We are very proud of Liron and his achievements and wish him good luck on his future journey.
Liron Ben Haroch, Class of 2012
Valley Torah High School

Yoel Sassoon

Or Hachaim has touched my life in numerous ways in which only now I have come to acknowledge. The learning environment was a place of warmth, where students felt a special bond with their teachers. I have been especially grateful for the values Or Hachaim has instilled in me and my peers.
Yoel Sassoon, Class of 2012
YULA Boys High School and Valley Torah High School

Myriam Cohen

Or Hachaim has taught me the middot of having gratitude and positivity. I took these traits that I learned from Or Hachaim and brought them with me to high school. Or Hachaim’s friendly and supportive environment helped shape me into the person I am today. Thank you Rabbi Gabay and Mrs. Raskin for all of your hard work.
Miriam Cohen, Class of 2013
Valley Torah High School-Salutatorian 2017

Ariel Mizrahi

When I recently had to make a speech in front of 300 people I realized how much Or Hachaim brought out my inner confidence. Listening and watching Rabbi Gabay and Mrs. Raskin’s speeches throughout the years inspired me to take upon myself different leadership positions in pro-Israel and Jewish organizations. Or Hachaim wasn’t an ordinary school. It was our home away from home.
Ariel Mizrahi, Class of 2016
Valley Torah High School