Each campus has a school library, donated and run by the PTA.
It is the goal of the library to be a resource for the teachers and students.
Students visit the library once a week and take out books. Books are checked out for recreational reading or for reports and research.

  • Students must sign a consent form each year before being allowed to take out books
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the library
  • Students may check out 1 book a week
  • No fines are charged for overdue books but students are financially responsible for damaged or lost books
  • Students must renew the book each week if they do not return it
Birthday Club Sponsorship:

Give your child a special gift for their birthday by taking a Library Birthday Club Sponsorship. For $18.00 the library will buy a book, inscribe a book plate with your child’s name and occasion and send you a picture of your child and the book donated. Use the reading list guide to choose a book, or let us choose for you.


Help increase our collection of books. For each $18.00 you sponsor, the library will inscribe a bookplate with the occasion of your sponsorship. Use the reading list guide below to choose a book, or let us choose for you.


If there is a series of books that your child enjoys let us know about it so that other students can enjoy it too. The school accepts donations of gently used hardcover books in good condition.