Grade link helps parents to get involved in their child’s progress with homework, assignment and grades.
Gradelink is a fully integrated online grading, attendance, and school administration system. Teachers input student’s grades, giving parents and administration access to student’s academic progress and attendance. Using the parent interface, parents can set up the Automatic Grade Monitoring feature, which sets up email alerts about their child’s current progress. Now, report cards don’t have to be a surprise. By logging in to Gradelink on a weekly basis, parents can work with their children and help them to succeed.

Call the Mani Campus for your child’s Gradelink LOGIN information or if you get locked out of the system.
Don’t wait for your child to tell you what happened in school; stay informed by visiting your child's classroom in Gradelink. Your child will be amazed at what you know and you will be amazed with what your child is learning!