Links to Socialjudo and videos

Hi Parents,
Here are the links to SocialJudo that we were not able to look at Wednesday night. Please look over them and I will be happy to walk you through the sign up process on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30. I know together we will be able to parent our children in their virtual world. Please remember that this is a tool to help you educate your child and navigate the virtual world. The internet is a very dangerous world and the school still feels that it is better for children NOT TO HAVE A PHONE or other devices. Once again, phones are not allowed to be in school.

Social Judo video and sign in:
A demo of SocialJudo and what it does  – you may need to copy and paste this in your browser.
Meet Dr Mathew Phillips founder of SocialJudo  – you may need to copy and paste this in your browser.

Sign up to socialjudo with this link
The price includes 2 parent phone accounts to monitor your children and 6 devices
For every sign up SocialJudo will make a donation to the PTA. This link will also be found on our website.

Educational Videos:
YouTube video., Where the chief parenting officer of Social Judo, Andrea DiFilippo, LICSW, gives her Ted talk about kids on smartphones and ends with a call to action.

Here also are some videos that you might find interesting, all about 5 min long.

Here is one that educates parents about Snapchat –

And one about Instagram –

It was so eye opening, informative and important!
The life changing lessons learned at this class are essential.
Do not hesitate to ask the staff and administraton if you have any questions related to the lessons here.We all must protect the children and it’s getting scarier to let children be exposed to cyber bullying and potentially harmful perpetrators.

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